Who am I ?

Yannick Pelegrin, a Brussels situated comic book artist and illustrator, driven by a strong feeling for aesthetics and a passion for telling compelling stories. Or that’s what I try at least…

I did my master’s degree in ‘Graphic Storytelling’ at LUCA School of Arts in Brussels where I picked up my passion for comics, graphic novels and narration in general.

My graduation project ‘Aldo’ has been published by Blloan, but only in Dutch.. for now.

For more daily updates or if you are curious for more of my (older) work, add me on facebook ! https://www.facebook.com/yannickpelegrinn 

Or instagram ! https://www.instagram.com/y.pelegrin

Or my other, more professionally oriented facebook page wich I tend to neglect ! https://www.facebook.com/pelegrindesigns

In any case, thank you for visiting.